Our latest addition is the new and exciting RED Epic Digital Cinema Camera.  The RED Epic shoots up to 5K resolution and acquires full RAW encoded video.  This groundbreaking technology gives the beauty of 35mm film camera lenses in a super high resolution digital video format.  Click here for more info on the RED One camera and technology.  We also feature Canonís XH-A1 HDV video cameras shooting full 1080i resolution for Hi-Definition output to
Blu-Ray Disk.


We specialize in 3D modeling and animation to make your products and ideas come alive in Hi-Definition.  Take clients on a virtual tour of the inside of your product or show the internal workings by making the outside surfaces semi-transparent.  We can composite 3D models of your products into video programs too!


Visual effects including matchmoving, green screen chroma-key and 3D compositing also available.

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